Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tulip inspiration

            I was looking for this perfect color combo for ages. I went to C&A and found musthave mint top but when I saw this top I told to myself I gotta have it! Because I´d been looking for it for so long. I forgot the mint top in a second. Maybe it is so "last season" (renewed this year) (but but it is more ME than mint top =)

Túto farebnú kombináciu som hľadala celú večnosť. Šla som do C&A a našla musthave mätovo zelený top, ale keď som videla tento, pomyslela som si, musím ho mať, pretože som ho tak dlho hľadala. Na mätovo-zelený som v sekunde zabudla. Možno je to trochu minulá sezóna, (obnovená aj tento rok) ale som to viac JA ako v mätovo-zelenom tope. =)


  1. what a great top! love these colors together.


  2. It looks beautiful on you, it is absolutely YOU;-))) Alexandra, thank you so incredibly much for stopping by my blog and following it! it means crazy much to me!!!:-)))

  3. this top is FANTASTIC!!! following!....great blog!

  4. Hej, det er en super fed blog du har. Jeg er blevet fast læser nu, jeg ville blive rigtig glad hvis du ville gengælde! :D

    Love Thiravisha

  5. Really like your blog. :) definitely follow you.


  6. Ja mám tiež takú istú kabelku z Asosu :) Je moja obľúbená. A úžasný máš top. Tá kombinácia farieb sa mi veľmi ľúbi :)


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